Beauty in Ordinary Things

by Meet Me in the Matinee

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"Beauty In Ordinary Things" is the debut full length album for Indie Alternative Rock band Meet Me In The Matinee. Over the years they have released several low quality EP's and have developed a cult like following in and around their state. As veterans of the West Virginia music scene, they finally were able to release a full length record that they think will make a splash on the music world. The album is a love/hate letter to everything good and bad about the music business. It's about trying to find hope in something that's not well supported, but remembering its not all about support. The album is about your love for music and what you deeply care about. When relationships fall apart, when people die, and when there's a lack of respect in your own home town. The notion to prove yourself through the lyrics you write and notes on your instrument will always be there. This album has been in the works for 18 months and now the band is ready to put out this highly anticipated record that is sure to be interest the indie, alternative, and college rock crowd.

"Each track is done by four guys bent on getting every ounce of raw emotion and ear blasting sound they can out of their instruments.
This is not to say that their music is just a bunch of thugs cranking everything up to 11. The music seems well thought out - they have the ability to go from outrageous jam to an almost tender interlude in the blink of an eye. Case in point at 1:05 into Delaware, the band goes into a melodic staccato bridge. It's just that kind of oddity that makes listening to this album more than just fun - it keeps my attention and that is a difficult thing to do."- The Grouch, Grouchy Gaijin

"The album has a message that is honest, real and positive with no hold back lyrics that tell stories of their dreams, frustrations, determination, and commitment to be successful. Meet Me in the Matinee's new album is anything but ordinary with staccato bursts of sound, raw energy and vocal harmonies that transcend you giving the listening ear an audio feast. "Beauty in Ordinary Things" is a journey filled with the perfect blend of raw, high-energy, rhythm, good bass vibes, catchy riffs, and a blend of soothing vocal harmonies. The combination of hypnotic melodies and the present edginess of raw punk burning in the background it the definite album to buy today."- Randy Tedford, State of the Art Magazine

"I’m floored by how good Beauty in Ordinary Things is. I haven’t really heard you guys play since 2012, and this sounds like a different band. It’s darker, tighter, and deeper. You’re lyrics are ridiculous, seriously. I feel like if you guys weren’t in Logan you would be signed right now. The whole album is great, but I honestly can’t stop listening to “Tea” or “Find a Wife.” This is a great album and I hope you guys get all the recognition you deserve."- Josh Thompson, Fan

"The lyrics are more mature than they've ever been & range from fun to pondering the depths of anguish & as always, a touch of brilliant social commentary sprinkled on top. Strong & flashy performance on drums serves as the backbone to this 10 track set. The bass is driving & quite fun at times with a McCartney-esque touch to those heavy strings. Sharp lead guitar that isn't afraid to be a real solo & their signature chugging rhythm guitar is of course ever-present. Best Tracks? Popcorn Button & Patricia LM. That said, every offering here is STRONG."- Michael Cline, Hot Cup

"I've had this album on repeat for days! Never gets old!"- Howard Hill, Fan

"It teeters on the edge of 90's alternative and early 2000 indie rock sprinkled with melody and catchy lyrics that leave you wanting 10 more."- John Ballard, Miniature Giant/Fan

"The entire album is a solid work of rock majesty. Not a single track seems out of place and it all seems to just flow together naturally. Sure, there are some weird segments, but weird is a good thing. The experimental nature of the album produces something better than could ever be achieved with conventional song structures."- John Adkins, Fan


released October 17, 2014

Produced by Brandon Ferguson in Barboursville, WV
Mixed & Mastered by Alex Grubaugh in Petoskey , Michigan
Artwork & Photography by Chris Workman

Caleb Luther- Vocals, Guitars
Chris Workman- Guitars, Keyboard
Josh Brown- Bass, Keyboard
Nathan Bush- Drums, Percussion


all rights reserved



Meet Me in the Matinee Logan, West Virginia

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Track Name: Popcorn Button
Verse 1:
Peel back your skin and show the crowd your flesh.
They're already gone.
It's unusual, unusual.
Nobody cares, so spit your poetry into the bathroom sink.
It's a crying shame, a crying shame.
But don't you cry.
Chorus 1:
We've done nothing. We've done nothing wrong.
We've done nothing. We've done nothing wrong.
We do nothing, but play the same old song.
We do nothing right.
Verse 2:
Lighten up your mood.
Take the whole month off.
Are you still angry?
About nothing. About nothing.
Remember when I was belligerent?
You couldn't talk to me.
I lost my soul and faith
But I found a home in you.
Keep up the madness, it's a beautiful statue.
But it falls apart, and you can't rebuild what you don't use.
Chorus 2:
We've done nothing. We've done nothing wrong.
We've done nothing. We've done nothing wrong.
We're still playing the same old boring songs.
We'll never get it right.
Bridge 1:
What good have you done for me lately?
Rob me blind, then tell me that I'm lazy.
Travel 8 hours to get a few hand claps.
Don't tell me that I'll get it when I'm older.
I get it now, I just can't grasp art as well as you.
I should be lucky to be in the same room as them.
Bridge 2:
Loners aren't always alone.
They make their way...
Onto the platform we call a stage.
It don't matter if they don't feel a thing.
Cause we feel the weight of the world coming down on us.
It's one last chance to be...
Everything you'd hope to be.
Track Name: Dry Gin's Twist
Verse 1:
I'm coming unglued and I blame it all faith. All on faith.
The back of my head has a target you can't miss. You can't miss.
You can see it when I walk.
Everything is perfect, but I don't want it anymore.
Just loosen up your voice and let it out.
Kill the singer, then write a letter saying you're sorry for the mess.
Verse 2:
I'm down on my knees praying for my second wind. A second wind.
My personality spills all over the microphone. Shocked by the microphone.
Don't touch it. You'll regret it.
Everything is perfect, but I don't want it anymore.
Just loosen up your voice and let it out.
Kill your talent, then get it back by carving your soul with a knife.
I love you, Crooked Rain.
But you make me feel so weak.
Oh Stephen, how you play...
You make it look so easy.
I love you, Figure 8.
But you make me feel so sad.
Lose all hope, then panic.
I wish you had more time to live.
Bridge 2:
Act pervasive, then gain attention in this paradox I'm on.
Strap on my hard hat, then prepare while drops of guilt fall on my head.
If you can't beat them then join them.
It's too late now, it's too late now.
Defeat their annoyance.
You can't stick to everything you know.
Everything is perfect, but I don't want it anymore.
Just loosen up your voice and let it out.
Kill your fanbase, burn their records then confiscate their merchandise.
Track Name: Delaware
Sing off key.
Polute the air.
The crowd stares back at you.
But you've got style, you've got the flare...
To keep them interested in you.
Don't believe in what they say.
Is it worth it in the end?
All I need is a day outside.
One more hook and I'll be fine.
Show me your wallet, and I'll show you mine.
We're both such losers.
Draw a crowd with words you scream out, baby.
Pick up the slack and return all the favors.
Suck up to cowards on the other part of this town...
And be a man.
Track Name: Find A Wife
This does not belong here.
It will never fit in.
But we will make it work because we're so kind.
Abandon your hopes and dreams.
It's not like they mean a thing.
Keep your mouth sealed nailed shut...
But open your eyes.

Take your hand.
Take your mouth.
Take your pride.
Take a beating.
Lose your voice.Lose control.
Lose direction.
Lose your vision.
Find a cure.
Find a wife.
Find the love that you've been missing.
Make the sound run together so no one will ever listen.
Track Name: Hue
Verse 1:
Take me as a child.
Take me as your lover.
Take me as you please.
I'm worn out and dirty in the back of my best friends car.
Kill me now.
Or kill me later.
I'm feeling used...
And I can't get past these words I'll never say.

Come on, Come on.
Come on, Come on.
Come on, Come on.
We breath emotions.

Verse 2:
No one said you did.
No one said you would.
But we called you a whore...
So would you still kiss me baby when I say these awful things?
I'm past my prime.
So give me sympathy.
This world's a lonely place...
And we can't improve ourselves in just one day.

In 2009 I fell in love with two different girls at different times.
I was young and I still am.
Steely Dan and Cursive was the soundtrack to my late night conversations.
They made me feel naive.
But maybe I tried too hard to get nowhere.
You called my bluff while the coin's in the air.
But maybe I whine too much about nothing.
Can I get it right now?
Will I get it right now?

Only three years have passed by, and I'm still a nervous wreck from head to toes.
It's not like I'm unhappy. I just wanna be satisfied with my choices.
Playing songs, then eating food, then going home to bed.
Then getting up the next morning to do it all again.
I don't drink alcohol, so how can I hit on the drunk girl eyeing me?
I get over it, then write a song about my inconveniences .
Track Name: Man E
Verse 1:
Can music cure heart break?
I don't wanna know right now.
Am I really that dumb and naive?
Can I reflect on the things that get me by each day?
I'm a hole in the earth, a typhoon in the sea.
I turn my back for 20 minutes and you're gone.
I'd puke my guts up just to prove I've got some guts.
I'm more than a man.I'm more than a fool.
And I can't seem to bend...
One God forsakin rule.
Verse 2:
Show some class. Show the passion in those words you say up there.
You'll never know when someone's figuring you out.
I'll claw my way out of stupidity when I finally learn what's wrong.
You bat your eyes. Brush your teeth. Then make love in the floor.
Chorus 2:
I comb my hair for 30 minutes and it still sucks.
I critique these artists, just like everyone I know.
I'm more than a fraud.
I'm more than a chump.
I'm just an awkward kid who's caught in a slump.
Bridge 1:
You beat me down.
Take me with you when you go.
I'm too sad to show my face.
And I'm too lonely to go home.
Bridge 2:
Don't you know you're gonna be like everyone else?
You're a product of early adulthood misobediance.
Bridge 3:
It comes out of your mouth...
This excitement that I'll never understand.
We look so happy when they're standing on our toes.
It's just a test.
Don't worry, I never took it serious.
Bridge 4:
I don't wanna be your friend.
I don't wanna feel regret when everything's gone wrong.
I don't wanna win you back.
Opinions are set in and our opinions are so strong.
The earth, it moves so slowly.
Our lives, they move so slowly.
Track Name: Tea
Walk all day just to get across town.
Spend all my money with no care at all.
Just to see her every couple of weekdays.
While making obscene calls.
She doesn't seem to acknowledge my existence.
Yet she knows I watch her from a far.
I know it's wrong but there's just something about her.
My little cryptic star.

Wipe that smile off your face, it's no laughing matter.
Just relax and watch a film while your ambitions shatter.

Hey Emily, won't you be my friend?
There's piss in my veins until the bitter end.
I'm just a child, and she don't know who I am.
I'll make it worth your while.
Oh no, I won't. Oh no, I can't.

Can you keep a quick secret?
This picture's worth at least 10 words.
I use it when I'm all alone.
I use it when I can't get...

Out of my bed.
Get out of my head.
You've been stuck in there now for days.
I'm watching you breath.
So can you watch me do the same to you?

I can't go two days without you.
It makes my body crumble down.
Be a friend and just ignore me.
We'll be done 3 days from now.

Once you get it all figured, it's too late.
Once you get your head out of the clouds, you'll feel great.
You're so funny.
I'm demented.
We're all alone.
Track Name: Pure Beauty
Verse 1:
You're a slave.
You're a donkey on board for the show.
Everything's wrong.
Bite down hard, then draw blood on the hands of unknown...
Shadows we can't look through.

I fall asleep before your hands run through my hair.
It's just enough to know the problem is where you stand.
She's okay with me if I'm okay with him.
But that's not going down.
I'll turn my problems into something new...
Something worthwhile.

Verse 2:
The air is thin, and my head won't get back on track...
To where I feel lost.
There's comfort in knowing you won't evolve to my taste.
It's right there in front of you.

I fall asleep before your hands run through my hair.
It's just enough to know the problem is where you stand.
She's okay with me if I'm okay with him.
But that's not going down.
I'll turn my problems into something new...
Something I can put my hands on...

I don't feel like I did when I was 17.
It's hard to put a grasp on the things we see.
It's crazy, outlandish and pure beauty.

Track Name: Patricia LM
Verse 1:
Sing a lullaby.
Sing me something decent.
The night is filled with void, but there's always hope.
Came out of the dust, hit me like a freight train.
You're too good to feel.
You're too good to know.

Grab on tight, then swallow me whole.

Verse 2:
Everyone we know will someday grow older.
But you'll never die through spirit, fear and mind.
I'm a little shook.
I'm a little nervous.
So never touch my hand or look into my eyes.

Swallow my love for you and nothing more.
Swallow these years restrained and nothing more.

Swallow my fantasies.
Then spit me out. Just spit me out.
Swallow what you can't see.
Then spit me out. Just spit me out.
Swallow my ambitions.
Then spit me out. Just spit me out.
Swallow the blood red sun.
Then spit me out. Just spit me out.

Spit me out.
Track Name: Headbox
Verse 1:
Put on my favorite record.
You'll dance to nothing.
This sound is so alone.
You do it to me.
Make my heart race.
Make my pulse burn holes...
Through every inch of...
My skins shaking.
Your hair's falling out.
Every minute we waste doesn't count.
Verse 2:
Plug up my eardrums.
I suppose it's nothing but the radio.
It's sad that even underground's not a place that I call home.
We use ourselves to full advantage, yet we're unhappy.
You pawn me off and bury all my dreams.
Bridge 1:
Seperate me from your sadistic fantasy.
Seperate our culture from our family tree.
Born and bred a loser with no creativity.
The boy can play, yet I'm bored out of my mind.
Out of my mind.
Bridge 2:
Turn the other cheek, then criticize what we do.
People can be so mean, but trust me, they know what they're talking about.
If Frank liked this band, then people would be all about it.
Life is just word of mouth.
Life is just word of mouth.
And if I play the same old thing will it be enough to save you and me?

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